Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Total Lee 9 - More Songs Of Lee Hazlewood

I've started something that I'm intent on finishing.

Enjoy and yell out if you want one more. http://sharebee.com/37d7d2f6


kostas n petrakis said...

Yes I (and a lot of us) do
Please go as far as you can go

Fake said...

"Sunday Morning Coming Down" wasn't written by Lee (was it ever performed by him?), but I'm sure you know that.

And, yes, of course, you've got to make it 'till (at least) # 10!
You owe that to kostas n petrakis, to me and to all your anonymous fans who cannot comment.

Fake said...

Oh, and "Elusive Dreams" is no Hazlewood original either (but of course you've included it just to test us).

Fake said...

I hope Total Lee 10 is still coming?

davkeats said...

I believe Elusive Dreams was written by Billy Sherrill. The George and Tammy version rivals the Lee and Nancy version.