Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Total Lee 7 - More Songs of Lee Hazlewood

Certainly not the last of the covers but enough for now, yet I might still post a comp. of tunes that Lee himself has covered since its sitting on my desktop at the moment. Request it and if there's enough interest I'll upload it. Now who would of thought of B.B. King turning up in a mix of Hazlewood tunes and who's that helping out Beck with the cover of If it's Monday Morning.


Total Lee 6 - More Songs of Lee Hazlewood

Some great sounding tunes are on offer here, with a distinctive sixties feel to the whole thing.
Hey I've even include an original Hazlewood tune so enjoy...
I've just noticed that I've written the wrong song title for the Bobby and Laurie song so excuse me in this instance, it should be First street blues. That's what happens when I rush things.


Total Lee 5 - More Songs of Lee Hazlewood

Another three for your listening pleasure....
First up a heavier sounding comp. and this one includes the Fleshtones Peter Zaremba so you know it's worth listening to and the inevitable Primal Scream cover which fits well into this mix.

You'll notice once again that I've included a non Hazlewood tune, Morning Dew (a Dodson, Rose song) which is on Lee's Love and other Crimes album and this ones a great version I'm sure you'll enjoy.