Saturday, August 09, 2008

Lee Hazlewood Live Royal Festival Hall London 2004

I've been lucky enough to be given two bootleg recordings of Lee's over the years and although my collection of his is fairly complete you can't take away the strength of a live performance to bring out the best in an artist. The following is such a great listen especially the banter between songs, and it's just a terrible shame that we will never have the opportunity to witness such a legend again that was Lee Hazlewood. By the way the other recording Live in Darmstadt is already posted over at and I would certainly appreciate it if any other recordings were to see the light of day from either Lee or Nancy as I'm sure they exist somewhere.
Best enjoyed while sipping your prefered alcoholic beverage...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Total Lee 2 - More Songs Of Lee Hazlewood

It’s been a year now since Lee passed away and I glimpsed a number of his releases in my local JB store, so if you live here in Aus there’s no excuse – go out and buy them.
A little harder to find these days might be the compilation Total Lee which is a great release on its own with some great bands who put their spin on the Hazlewood tunes. Now here’s my take on a second collection, songs that sit well against each, some a little more obscure than others but all show an appreciation for Lee himself and on this his anniversary is there any better way to pay tribute than to listen to his songs in a different light. By the way Ed Kuepper is included simply because I think he’s fantastic with anything he does but you can be the judge in this instance. Enjoy.

Also there are plenty more covers for a 3rd and 4th compilation if there is interest.