Sunday, October 05, 2008

Total Lee 8 - Even More Songs of Lee Hazlewood

This is such a great surprise that I can't thank the person who goes by the name Fake enough for uploading the following collection (including the artwork). Many of these I was not aware of so I'm very grateful. Now lets put out a challenge and see who else can contribute other songs so we can atleast reach a respectable 10 volumes in this tribute. I have enough for probably one more volume and some 30 or more versions of "These Boots" which we might leave be for now although there is a great version by Blues Polish which I'd like to have at a higher bit rate than the current one I have. Also of note is the release for Cagney and Lacey which was a Dean Wareham side project which I've been after for some time. So if you can share please do as I'm sure that there are many hidden treasures out there for us to enjoy. But whats a challenge if there is no prize, well if we collect enough I might be tempted to upload Lee's Cowboy in Sweden TV special as an avi. Enjoy:


Nick Motown said...

i didn't browse all the tribute albums so i'm not sure if u already got the songs i could offer...

But anyway, i have a turkish version of "summer wine" (called "babam gibi" by Rüçhan Çamay & Tanju Okan) and some finnish covers by Lasse Mårtenson (right now i remember "jackson" and "ladybird" in finnish).

i'm pretty sure you have the french version of "summer wine" by Marie Laforêt & Gérard Klein, right?

bakfiches' said...

a quick look into my itunes showed me 8 songs i've taken down as being lee-covers. i've uploaded them for you to rpdshr, here is the link:

(my personal favourite: lydia lunch and anita lane)

thanks for posting!
master bakfiche

Fake said...

I came across another 4 covers that didn't appear on your previous compilations.

mialee said...

A good quick responce from the 3 of you - thanks and Nick upload what you have and I'll have a look as your versions might be better than ones I already have.
As for anyone else - keep sending them.