Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ambient Highway

On its way


/synthetic said...

planning to create an ambient blog?
let me know soon as you start to post things, i'll add u as a friend.

conan said...

hi friend
see here is my new site
thx for the comment

Paxjorge said...

Hekki, mialee! Ob my b-lock u bruqi a mentip of "Dr Walker vs Holger Czukay's Clash", but I neqr heal of that. Whaq dip you mear with thaj?

(sorry for the gibberish, could help it)

Adam Eleven said...

Hi, please let me know when you get Schroeder Galaxie Cygnus A (and don't hesitate to visit my blog in the meantime, you'll find some rare Rolf Trostel, Roland Kayn and JM Jarre there). Btw two excerpts from Cygnus A can be found on Schroeder's CD compilation Computer Voice. Let me know if you need it.

Adam Eleven said...

Dear mialee, thanks for posting R. Schroeder's Galaxy Cygnus A on my blog. This really made my day - thanks a million times. Do you mind if I put your link in a separate post so that more people are able to see it?

Thanks again!!! Adam

Machine-K said...

thanks for your comment the password is : m-k-pailhead

Machine-K said...

the passord to Wish You Were Queer : A Tribute To Ministry is : mnemonic501 thanks for your comments friend